By the end of the 19th century, natural-ness came into fashion and the nobility stopped whitewashing, powdering, and actively blushing their faces. Now clean and healthy skin with an even tone was appreciated. Skin that was perfectly smooth, without dark spots and scars. The " No75 Resurfacing Liniment” was created.

Today we know that exfoliating products can restore skin radiance and even tone. Still, it's the balance of the composition that counts. The formula for this cream is based on ancient knowledge of how fruit acids work and a modern understanding of their combined action. No75 Resurfacing Liniment is a very powerful product that may prevent and help with hyperpigmentation and acne and is potentially capable of destroying desmosomes, the bond between superficial skin cells. It is designed to effectively exfoliate the outer skin layer, exposing your new, clear, fresh and youthful skin!

Ingredients: Petrolatum, Camphor, Azelaic acid, Alcohol, Aqua, Salicylic acid, Glycolic acid

Use in the evenings. Apply a tiny amount on the cleansed face, avoiding the eye area. Do not wash off.