In old times the one and only way to treat skin was that a professional/doctor examined the skin and the patient and prescribed / created special formulas based on the condition of the patient.
The products were hand-prepared specially for the patients by pharmacologists.
That meant that each and every ingredient in the formula was there for a reason and there was nothing that skin did not need and had to fight against. That was the respect for the patient and his skin.
Unfortunately today the approach is different. It is more about mass market and money.
There is no way that off-the-shelf products could be suitable for everyone. To make them safe for each consumer only a tiny amount of active ingredients is possible in the formulas. Not even considering substances that the skin has to eliminate to survive.
We are bringing back the old tradition of care, cherish and respect to every customer.
The tradition of attention to every detail, of perception the body as a whole (holistic approach).
We believe that it is the only way to achieve brilliant and steady result.
We are using the modern easy way to help clients without visiting a dermatologist as we provide digital solution instead, an app via which the treatments and the ongoing care is available.

Skin is like a clock mechanism.
Complicated mechanism inside.
Works well only if every single partial piece works perfectly and is connected perfectly (attached) with others. If a tiny stone /grain gets between the parts, the whole system stops after a while.
What our products do? We are eliminating harmful particles, provide the whole system with custom-selected substances in a  way that the skin is able to work in the best possible way and to fight against the imperfections itself with its own strong resources.

What do we sell? 

  • We sell ready-to-use and personalized treatments with everything your unique skin needs to be healthy, beautiful, strong and young.
  • We provide luxury of reliability and safety. 
  • You do not need to worry (monitor) about your skin any more, we are doing it for you. (check-ups, monitoring the skin, being in touch, adjusting the treatment, consultation etc.)
  • We sell all the professional information based on the knowledge of our dermatologists 
  • We also provide advice on other medical specialists needed if dermatologist needs support.
  • We sell the opportunity to be a part of the new revolution in skincare that provides you with professional customized approach without leaving your home.
  • We sell the knowledge how to live with your skin to get the most out of its natural abilities.
  • We provide tips on specific nutrition, home routine etc. (specific ways to wash your face, what you need to avoid, etc)
  • We provide information on devices that are the most beneficial for your skin.

AND first of all we are not selling, we are not salesy type of company.
We offer the opportunity to join us, to L&D and be part of the new skincare revolution.

We are not selling individual products, you cannot buy them separately, we will not have a webshop.

We are selling TREATMENTS specifically designed to each client’s current skin condition, skin issues and needs. This personalized treatment might consist of 8-9 product depending on the skin condition or less. The treatment is adjusted monthly based on the check-ups and weekly updates about the skin changes.

We will develop an app via which clients can join us, track their personal profile, fill up questionnaire regarding their skin, subscribe for the monthly treatments, have exclusive contents and many more.

We work on exclusivity basis, which means that people cannot join immediately to us if they want only if they are invited by us, by their friends / relatives etc.

Consumer journey is the following:

  • primary target group: those people who have already known the products as they used them in the past at our Dermatological Clinic in Moscow. These people has left Russia and moved to other countries and we want to offer the opportunity for them to buy and use the products again and provide the experience of an ongoing care like they are visiting the Clinics. These people will be invited via email to join to us. They will be able to register, to download the app, via the app to fill out the questionnaire re their skin details and needs and then to subscribe for our treatment /services (that is buying the products). They have exclusive rights.
  • secondary group of potential customers: those who are invited by the first group
  • third group of customers: those who does not have invitation, they can register and first they get on a waiting list, if they invite more people they can move up and finally be our subscriber.

The idea behind this exclusivity:

  • in the past centuries clients recommended L&D (of course not branded) products to each other and the family could serve only those clients who were recommended by existing ones
  • we do not want to convince / sell in a pushy way 🡪 we want clients to come to us by themselves in order to be part of our community and join to this revolutionary skincare programm
  • e.g. in the Clinics in Moscow clients should sign an agreement that they will not use other products and foundation during the treatments as it is very harmful, if they do not keep rules, Inna doesn’t treat them. No need to recruit customers as WOM is so strong, people recommend the brand to each other and want to be treated by us – we would like to replicate this approach in a digital way to create buzz / to engage / to increase interest to join us