Making skincare personal

Making skincare personal

The problems with problem skin

“It’s nothing, It’s just your age.” Unfortunately, I often hear these words at appointments when parents say them to their teenage children. As they get older, they hear something like this: “Don’t worry, it will pass.” And only when they are pushing forty, when there is nothing left to say and their skin condition hasn’t really improved, will that person take action. We are talking about acne: painful inflammations that people try to cover up or distract from with big hair and expensive outfits.

It’s important to realise that acne is not an aesthetic problem, but a disease of the entire body. The skin does not live a life in isolation and is actually the biggest organ in the body. Recent research shows that the presence of microbial and viral pathology, immunodeficiency and genetic predisposition are the trigger for the development of acne. Unfortunately, many beauty salons undertake treatment of complex dermatological problems without sufficient clinical experience or a clinical basis for treatment.

Independent and uncontrolled use of pharmacy drugs (on recommendation from friends or pharmacy employees themselves) can only worsen the process. The disease becomes sluggish and chronic. As a result, I am often approached by “neglected” patients who can’t shake feelings of hopelessness. Some people get so used to their constantly inflamed skin, resigned to the feeling that nothing can help and don’t even bother trying for treatment. Our message is, Don’t give up. Acne is treatable and curable! The right treatments from the right people can and do help.

Our advice

Do contact a dermatologist. if you have permanent rashes or breakouts and are worried in any way. Don’t try to get rid of pustules yourself, especially in non-sterile conditions.

  • Don’t use foundation or self-tanning creams. They only make the inflammations worse.
  • Don’t sunbathe. Temporary improvement almost always leads to an exacerbation of the disease, since ultraviolet rays are a strong immunosuppressant.
  • Don’t undertake a mechanical cleansing of the face.
Dr Inna Szalontay, Founder

Dr Inna Szalontay, Founder

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Nº56 Acne Tincture

Nº56 Acne Tincture

In 1773, a unique recipe for a medicinal paste - “an infusion of herbs to aid in the treatment of skin inflammations” - was compiled and added to our family recipe book.

Our Nº56 Acne Tincture is a modern interpretation of the very same ancient recipe, based on calendula and other valuable medicinal herbs. This brown herbal infusion was designed to calm irritated areas and rebalance the skin, a concentration of ancient knowledge in a bottle that works.

  • Use in the evening, shake well before use. Apply on the cleansed face (and neck if acne is present), using a cotton pad, paying particular attention to inflamed areas. Do not wash off.

“I have been suffering from ACNE since the year 2000, I tried everything, the products from Libi & Daughters were the only ones to treat it completely”


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